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Introducing Astrophysics

Cosmology and Astrophysics may be weighty subjects, but you do NOT need a doctorate or other advanced academic degree to understand the content of this web-site. In fact, the purpose of these pages is to explain complex concepts in down-to-earth terms. (You can judge the degree of success.) If you are able to make sense of the rest of this page, then you will be able to appreciate the rest of this site.

examines the nature of the Universe and its characteristics, such as: time, space, causality, and freedom. In other words, Cosmology is little more than high-falutin' verbiage for the big picture. So, here you will find Cosmology perspectives on selected, leading-edge topics in the field of Astrophysics.

should not be confused with Astronomy, which studies how the sky appears from Earth. Astrophysics tries to understand how the physical Universe works–gravity, black holes, quark stars, Big-Bang, string theory, multiverse, etc. We even examine something few people have ever heard about–the Plasma Universe.

Contents of Astrophysics

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Center of the Universe 2017 APR
Human-kind has long pondered: where is the center of the Universe? Find the
answer here. But first, you must travel past graphic models explaining the
curvature of the space-time continuum–all three types of curvature.

Big Bang and Inflation 2017 APR; STUB
The Big Bang theory, the conventional wisdom, has several serious conflicts,
which have yet to be explained away. Inflation theory, an attempt to rationalize
the Big Bang, was so flawed that it had to be redrafted. It's still nonsense.

Forces of Physics Change 2017 MAR
How many forces are there? Depends when you live. Not only the number but
also the strength of forces may change in ways which are impossible to detect.
These changes could explain some of the mysteries of quantum physics.

Gravity is Attractive 2017 MAR
Gravity is a different kind of force–like one time vs. three space dimensions. The
proponents of quantum gravity and gravitons claim gravity is no different than
the other forces. We deal gravitons a devastatingly complete annihilation.

Black Holes, Quark Stars 2017 APR
Black holes are simply one of three end-stages for evolving stars. They do NOT
contain singularities, (which would contradict Relativity). We claim to be the first to
show how never-to-be-seen quark stars demonstrate this fact.

Plasma, Plasma, Plasma writing
Most of the Universe consists of plasma, in which an atom's negative-charged
electrons are separated from its positive-charged nucleus. The two powerful
streams of ions can flow past each other like electricity in lamp-cord wires.

String Theory Unraveled 2017 MAR
String Theory is supposed to be the ultimate theory of everything. It is a
mathematical construct that is unproven and unprovable. In fact, some strings
have shapes–which belies the claim that strings are the ultimate particles.

Fantastic Multiverse writing
Some too far-out thinkers believe that our Universe is one of many interacting
universes in a Multiverse. But if each universe is ruled by different laws of
physics, as claimed, how can they interact with one another? Duh!

The Seven Giants 2017 MAR
These seven pioneers have had the most influence on human-kind's view of our
place in the cosmos. Their break-through insights came at relatively young ages.
How many names will you recognize? More than three or four?

OK, but how does all this relate to It's About Time? Well, time is where it all began so many years ago, when I was but a callow youth. It was thinking about time that sparked a life-long study of Astrophysics and Metaphysics–empowering the birth of this web-site. Time runs through many articles–sometimes explicitly and sometimes discretely.

Book titled: “It's About Time”

There are three other sections in our web book, namely:

includes philosophical matters which physics cannot address.
embraces human behavior–economic and political.
(miscellaneous) has articles unrelated to anything else.

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