It's About Time

Cosmology: Astrophysics & Metaphysics
+ Social-physics

Christopher Crawford


Don't be turned off by deez BIG woids! You do NOT need a doctorate or other advanced academic degree to understand the content of this web-site. In fact, the purpose of these pages is to explain complex concepts in down-to-earth terms. (You can judge the degree of success.) If you are able to make sense of the rest of this page, then you will be able to appreciate the rest of this site.


examines the nature of the Universe and its characteristics, such as: time, space, causality, and freedom. In other words, Cosmology is little more than high-falutin' verbiage for the big picture. So, here you will find Cosmology perspectives on selected, leading-edge topics in the fields of Astrophysics, Metaphysics, and Social-physics.


should not be confused with Astronomy, which studies how the sky appears from Earth. Astrophysics tries to understand how the physical Universe works–gravity, black holes, quark stars, Big-Bang, string theory, multiverse, etc. We even examine something few people have ever heard about–the Plasma Universe.


literally means beyond physics (in the order for reading the works of Greek philosopher Aristotle). Metaphysics includes philosophical matters which physics cannot address–reality & existence, cause & effect, change & identity, ethics & morals, free will, concepts of the soul and of a God–the Supernatural Universe.


is probably a term you never saw before. But it is all the rage these days in some academic circles, where they model how networks of people interact. As used here, Social-physics embraces human behavior going back to the dawn of civilization–the Universe of Economic and Political Science.


is this web-site's fourth section. (It's a made-up word–not found in any dictionary. Eclecticology is way more sophisticated than Miscellaneous–don't you think?) Here are articles unrelated to anything else: mathematics, geographic history, geometric puzzles, optical illusions, 3D-geometry shapes, and some humor.

Book titled: “It's About Time”

OK, but how does all this relate to It's About Time? Well, time is where it all began so many years ago, when I was but a callow youth. It was thinking about time that sparked a life-long study of Astrophysics and Metaphysics–empowering the birth of this web-site. Time runs through many articles–sometimes explicitly and sometimes discretely. Give it a try–you just might like it.

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