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Christopher Crawford

Introducing Metaphysics

Cosmology and Metaphysics may be weighty subjects, but you do NOT need a doctorate or other advanced academic degree to understand the content of this web-site. In fact, the purpose of these pages is to explain complex concepts in down-to-earth terms. (You can judge the degree of success.) If you are able to make sense of the rest of this page, then you will be able to appreciate the rest of this site.

examines the nature of the Universe and its characteristics, such as: time, space, causality, and freedom. In other words, Cosmology is little more than high-falutin' verbiage for the big picture. So, here you will find Cosmology perspectives on selected, leading-edge topics in the field of Metaphysics.

literally means beyond physics (in the order for reading the works of Greek philosopher Aristotle). Metaphysics includes philosophical matters which physics cannot address–reality & existence, cause & effect, change & identity, ethics & morals, free will, concepts of the soul and of a God–the Supernatural Universe.

Contents of Metaphysics

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Theology of Time 2014 MAY
Here I deal with the core issue of the web-site: TIME. We talk as if God acts like
us–over some time-frame. But time is God's creation–God is "outside" of time. So,
I take the perspective of the Supernatural Universe to show how God "sees" time.

Reality and Existence 2017 APR; STUB
For more than 2500 years, (Western) philosophers have debated whether reality
is objective or subjective–what exists and what does not exist. The issue is still
unresolved–until now. This is an opportunity to get the definitive answer–right here.

Truth and Knowledge planning
What is true and how do we know it? These are the fundamental questions of
Epistemology. I will discuss them in some detail, but don't expect another
definitive answer. (Two in a row is beyond the capacity of this old man.)

Nature of Souls 2017 APR; needs fix
This monumental treatise should be more than enough to earn me a PhD in BS.
Issues: Are there hierarchies of souls in one entity? Can several entities share
one soul? Can one soul divide into two; or two join into one? I use dozens of
examples from biology to demonstrate my points (slime molds to humans).

The Time of Aquinas 2017 APR; needs map
Aquinas inherited a fallacy from Aristotle, who thought time is discrete–when really
time is continuous. This has significant ramifications for morality and how we live.
Life is a continuum–not separate acts, each of which is moral, amoral, or immoral.

Morality Plays 2014 MAY
This is a continuation of the time is continuous theme. But it should be rewritten.
Time has moved on, making the central point obsolete. So like time, I will move on.

Grace, Faith, Predestine2017 APR
I explain how grace works and why faith is the pre-eminent virtue. Predestination
is another one of those eternal paradoxes which fill these pages. Simply put–from
human perspective, nothing is predestined–from God's perspective, everything is.

Seven Sacraments 2017 APR; STUB
Most religions have prayers or rituals which connect people to God. Christians call
these connections sacraments (in the West) and mysteries (in the East). The
Catholic, Orthodox, Oriental, and Assyrian Churches accept seven; most others
accept only two. Sacraments/mysteries work because we have FAITH that they do.

Christian Unification planning
Christianity is a history church separation: [by century] 5th–Assyrian, then Oriental;
11th–Orthodox; 16th–Protestant (not one but several faiths–chiefly: Calvinist,
Anglican, Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran; 19th–new belief systems: Pentecostal,
Jehovah's Witnesses, (7th Day) Adventist, Latter Day Saints (Mormon). Given this
wide-spread and long-lasting disparity in belief and ritual, unity seems elusive.

OK, but how does all this relate to It's About Time? Well, time is where it all began so many years ago, when I was but a callow youth. It was thinking about time that sparked a life-long study of Astrophysics and Metaphysics–empowering the birth of this web-site. Time runs through many articles–sometimes explicitly and sometimes discretely.

Book titled: “It's About Time”

There are three other sections in our web book, namely:

tries to understand how the physical Universe works.
embraces human behavior–economic and political.
(miscellaneous) has articles unrelated to anything else.

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