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Christopher Crawford

Introducing Social-physics

Cosmology and Social-physics may be weighty subjects, but you do NOT need a doctorate or other advanced academic degree to understand the content of this web-site. In fact, the purpose of these pages is to explain complex concepts in down-to-earth terms. (You can judge the degree of success.) If you are able to make sense of the rest of this page, then you will be able to appreciate the rest of this site.

examines the nature of the Universe and its characteristics, such as: time, space, causality, and freedom. In other words, Cosmology is little more than high-falutin' verbiage for the big picture. So, here you will find Cosmology perspectives on selected, leading-edge topics in the field of Social-physics.

is probably a term you never saw before. But it is all the rage these days in some academic circles, where they model how networks of people interact. As used here, Social-physics embraces human behavior going back to the dawn of civilization–the Universe of Economic and Political Science.

Contents of Social-physics

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Free Market vs Central Planwriting
The US economic system is NOT Capitalism. The free market is much more–it is
both democratic and Christian. It is democratic because it includes–employers &
employees, owners & renters, producers & consumers, lenders & borrowers–all
constantly negotiating over price. It is Christian because to make yourself better
off, you must make someone else better off–hiring someone, buying something,
selling something–by making an exchange in which both parties are better off.

Ideal Tax System writing
The goal of the tax system is to raise as much revenue as possible from society
for government. Does not mean a tax rate of 100%. There's an economic answer.
At the same time, government should not manipulate tax-payers with tax credits
for good behavior–e.g., energy credits. The system should be simple, easy
to use, and have NO loop-holes. It should not pick winners and losers.

End of Democracy ?? writing
Demagogues. Courts usurping the governing role. Legislators whose main goal
is re-election. Lobbyists seducing elected officials with re-election "contributions".
Bureaucrats with lifetime tenure smothering society with never-ending regulation.

Rise and Fall of Empires writing
RISE: new energetic leadership with a sense of mission; an economic system
which benefits all, not enriching some at expense of others; personal freedom
to follow one's dream; victory in war (caused by preceding). FALL: complacent,
corrupt populace at all levels; running out of lands to plunder and segments
of society to exploit; an out-of-control bureaucracy stifling innovation and
creativity with endless rules; defeat in war (caused by preceding).

Family Life Values writing
Child's Bill of Rights (or Child-Nurturing Duties of Both Biological Parents). Vital
to support extended family. Society must insure mothers are not left to fend for
themselves. Society has forced social change in past: Designated Driver along
with police enforcement have significantly lowered drunk driving in last 30 years.

Global Warming writing
History of Temperature, CO2, & Sea-level over ever-shorter periods: 4.6 Bil yrs–
Earth formed; 38 Mil yrs–Late Cenozoic ice age began; 6 Mil yrs–chimpanzees
& humans parted; 2.6 Mil yrs–Quaternary glaciation began; 11,000 yrs–current
interglacial began; 500 yrs–modern era (including little ice age). Effects of
Milankovitch cycles & Plate tectonics. Accuracy of Models & Forecasts.

This is a new section of the book. Obviously, there is a lot a work to be done. And, since these are important matters, they will get a higher priority. In the meanwhile, you could exercise your brain with the three other sections, (below).

OK, but how does all this relate to It's About Time? Well, time is where it all began so many years ago, when I was but a callow youth. It was thinking about time that sparked a life-long study of Astrophysics and Metaphysics–empowering the birth of this web-site. Time runs through many articles–sometimes explicitly and sometimes discretely.

Book titled: “It's About Time”

There are three other sections in our web book, namely:

tries to understand how the physical Universe works.
includes philosophical matters which physics cannot address.
(miscellaneous) has articles unrelated to anything else.

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