It's About Time

Eclecticology is NOT Cosmology

Christopher Crawford

Introducing Eclecticology

deals with great and important issues which have a broad impact on the whole human race–such as: the space-time continuum (Astrophysics), the supernatural universe (Metaphysics), economic and political science (Social-physics).

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Contents of Eclecticology

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Crawford's Pyramid 2017 APR
My life-long quest for mathematical immortality. Along the way are Carl Friedrich
Gauss, Blaise Pascal, Pascall's Triangle, and Binomial Expansion. But who will
first decipher the secrets of Trinomial Expansion and build a Trinomial Pyramid?

Shapes of Geometry gathering
All convex–2D: 6 quadra-laterals, 4 triangles, 2 mono-laterals (circle & ellipse),
1 each (pentagon, hexagon, octagon); 3D: 5 regular (Platonic), semi-regular (13
Archimedean + some Prisms & Anti-prisms), 92 Johnson solids + some near-
miss Johnsons, some Geodesic & Goldberg polyhedra, 3 spheroids/ellipsoids

Puzzle of the Month ready to go
Every month, a new puzzle. Geometric and numerical puzzles alternate.
Geometric puzzles are about finding figures in an image. Numerical puzzles are
two types: number series or arithmetic-operator (equation). Graphic solutions
(geometric) or detailed explanations (numerical) for each and every puzzle.

Optical Illusions gathering
Optical illusions are an allegory of life–you see what you expect. M.C. Escher was
the dean of the school. The best practitioner today is Rob Gonsalves. There are
six others I like. The rest make obscure junk. But I can't show any because of
copyright rules. (Escher frees up in 2022.) So, see what I have come up with.

Japan's Off-Shore Islands writing
Iconic volcano, Mr. Fuji, sits at the juncture of three tectonic plates. The collisions
of these plates have created two island chains: Nanpō (south-east) and Nansei
(south-west). After World War 2, the US stripped these islands from Japan. But ...

Left-handedness planning
Lefties are most unusual–they are a very small part of society. The most important
physiological difference is that Lefties have a thicker corpus callosum–the part of
the brain that connects its left and right sides. Does that thickness help them live
better in a right-hand world or is it thicker because they live in a right-hand world?

Military all set for Sequester2015 MAY
A pictorial stroll down memory lane, before the Obama administration completely
fades from memory in our rear-view mirrors. This is a humorous rendition of
military preparedness under budget cuts engineered by an appeaser government.

This being the 4th section of the book, it should come as no surprise that it gets 4th priority. I would like to spend all my time here, but duty calls me elsewhere.

OK, but how does all this relate to It's About Time? Well, time is where it all began so many years ago, when I was but a callow youth. It was thinking about time that sparked a life-long study of Astrophysics and Metaphysics–empowering the birth of this web-site. Time runs through many articles–sometimes explicitly and sometimes discretely.

Book titled: “It's About Time”

There are three other sections in our web book, namely:

tries to understand how the physical Universe works.
includes philosophical matters which physics cannot address.
embraces human behavior–economic and political.

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